Smart.web Ltd.

Rm 4, 1/F, Chong Fat Commercial Building, No. 266-268 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, HKSAR
Tel: (852) 2721-2681        Fax: (852) 2721-2101

The Email Management Specialists

E-hulu is the most lightweight and affordable email archiving solution which utilize a special Mail2db Engine to convert email into database records for super fast searching and unlimited storage. As the developer of the software, Smart.web Ltd has more than 12 years professional experience in Email Management and web application development.

Terms & Trademark

Smart.web Ltd. is the only developer of E-hulu & Mail2db engine. The company reserve all rights of the E-hulu software including the trademark of E-hulu and it's logo. E-hulu only serve as an application for licensed users. Illegal copy & unauthorized resell are prohibited. Please refer all terms of usage to our web pages in

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