Main Benefits

• Work with thinnest hardware available
• Email files saved independently with database Indexing
• Support both incoming & outgoing mail archiving
• Support most popular mail servers and web browser
• Support multiple users & multiple email boxes
• 24 x 7 Unattended Operation
• Easy Setup with full users authorization
• External archive system, work independently from Original Mail Server
• User can access archive directly without IT man
• No limit for storage capacity
• Easy integration between mail records and web application


Product & Licensing



Support Email Server

• Postfix, Qmail, Sendmail Server
• Exchamge Server 2003,2007,and 2010
• Mdaemon Messaging Server
• IMAP4-Compatitble email server
• P0P3-Compatitble email server

Support Email File Formats

• RFC822/MIME-Compatible (eml files)
• PST Files
• MBOX Files

Archiving Method & Client Access

• Full archive for both incoming & outgoing mails
• Support master logging account (send-to-boss)
• Access by web browser (IE,Chrome,Firefox,Safari)