For Individual

• Avoid of managing big size Outlook PST files
• Speed up browsing and searching for old mails
• Consolidate mails from various email boxes
• Supplement to limited mail storage in mobile device like mobile phone & Tablets
• Protect from working data loss due to PC system crash,hardware failure or even loss of mobile devices
• No need to perform email migration whenever you change a new notebook or PC.

For Soho / Workgroup

• The book size device is so handy and small that can be placed in home or any office desktop
• It can work 24 x 7 non-stop without any noise and in very low power consumption
• Archived emails can be accessed by users via any web browser, no other software need to be installed
• Full users control to release email data resources to the right person
• It is truly reliable and handy without any hardware maintenance or any admin assistance from IT professional


• Very minimum cost for hardware purchase
• Can save a lot or money for buying server/user license
• Can be shared among staff without paying extra fee
• No repeat cost & no maintenance
• Immediate access to Archived emails without restore procedure
• External system work independent from mail server
• Software provide handy Document Management which can enable one step E-filing with an all-in-one printer
• Provide Audit account to monitor company mail traffic and to trace mails for selected staff because of security