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Product Features:
1. Who needs E-hulu
E-hulu can archive mails from different mail servers in most popular type. It can integrate different email boxes to be shared with different users. It is good for personal or company use as long as they need to keep old mails. It can also work as a remote backup for popular Cloud Services.
2. How to install E-hulu? Do we need to find an IT man to make installation?
In the launching stage of E-hulu, it would be pre-installed to NAS hardware. It only needs a simple setup of inputting server name, email address & password, just like setting up a new mobile device. User authorization may also need if the mail archive is going to share among different users.
3. Can E-hulu also archive my outgoing mails?
Yes, you can get back your outgoing mails no matter you sent it through which device in anywhere. Outgoing mail archive makes E-hulu more perfect like a black-box of a plane.
4. How long the can the E-hulu be used?
It was designed to run for at least 10 years for personal user or small company. But it depends on number of email box and email volume. For bigger size company, we would recommend a higher level product which can have more storage space and hardware resources to work with.
5. How many email boxes it can work with?
E-hulu has several different product versions for email accounts from 5 to 100. It works with different models of NAS in different hardware specification respectively. Please refer to our product table for details.
6. Can it be used by more users?
Yes, E-hulu supports multi-users access.
7. Can email accounts access be authorized to different users?
Yes, you can setup different user accounts and authorize them to access specified email boxes.
8. Which type of mail server it can work with? How about Yahoo or Gmail?
Yes, E-hulu support most common type of mail server in the market, like POP, IMAP. It also supports enterprise level server like Lotus Domino and Ms Exchange.
9. Can I import my existing old email data into E-hulu?
Basically, E-hulu can work only when it receive new emails from Server. For old email data import, we recommend you to select some of the important emails to resend to your own email box. For batch import, we provide a simple mail import tool for PST outlook file or Dbx Outlook Express file. You can download the tool from our Support Page.
10. Besides Mail Archive, what other functions I can have?
As mentioned before, the original function of NAS still would work well. The hardware device can serve as a ftp server, file sharing server, etc. And E-hulu also can serve as a simple document management server where you can save your document with one-step indexing.
11. Can I archive my fax also?
Yes, you can use convert your daily fax document to email by using Fax Server or fax machine with fax-to-email function. If you don't have such hardware, you can also rent similar service from your telecom vendor.
12. In what way I can retrieve my old email?
You can use any mobile device or PC to login the E-hulu system just like browsing any secured web site. All your old emails would be listed in your inbox or outbox, you can search by keywords, subject, senders in any date range.
13. Does the archiving runs on real time? Any delay?
E-hulu is a parallel archive device target to save emails permanently. It is not necessary to archive email in real time. Instead, we have set a refresh schedule for 5 minutes as default setting. You can set your own timing under the setup menu.
14. How different it compares to mail client software?
For PC mail client software, such as Outlook, emails are stored in a combined data file which runs slowly as the storage grows towards its physical limit. E-hulu saves emails one by one under individual folder without changing its MIME properties or detaching its attachment file. Even if it runs for years, it only increases its database records a little bit. You still can retrieve your old mails within a few seconds. That is totally different from using any email client software.
Technical Issues:
1. How E-hulu works?
E-hulu is client-type software which runs parallel to any mail server. For every single email it downloaded would be saved in an individual folder where the mail gets its individual ID. It further links to a database server where the email has been transformed to a searchable meta-data. By means of SQL searching, you can locate your mail within seconds.
2. How different it compares with generic back-up?
Generic backup software can only save old data in specify time interval and requires a restore procedure which may affect the current service. But E-hulu runs parallel to your mail server. Data Storage performs close to real time. Just make a simple website login, you can search and browse old data from time to time.
3. Can I get my old mail back to my Outlook?
Once you found your old mail data. You can export the whole mail in eml format back to your Outlook.
4. I can get my old mails from my company's Exchange server via web outook. Do I still need E-hulu?
Exchange Server is administered by your company IT man. You also have a storage quota. Moreover, E-hulu can integrate your personal email accounts like Yahoo or Gmail. You can browse your old mails without any VPN access or any assistance from your company IT man. In case you leave your company, you still can have your own copy.
5. It seems there also other mail archive solution in the market. What is the difference?
In fact, there is only a few Mail Archive solutions available. Most of them can only support one specific type of mail server and pretty expensive. Some of them also require "Restore" procedure performed by IT man before getting back an old mail. E-hulu mail archive solution can be easily deployed in NAS thin hardware. With its distinct SQL database properties, emails or attached document can easily be integrated to any web application.
6. Can it support multi-language email?
E-hulu support UTF-8 email coding. It supports multi-language email.
7. Besides email, how about attachment file? Any limitation?
E-hulu archive mails in individual eml format file under individual folder. The file already includes its attachment file and mail content in MIME format.
8. It seems that I get more and more emails. Would the record browsing speed getting slower and slower?
For personal user version, the browsing speed would always be faster than any webmail service. For company version, the speed would depends on no. of emails stored and NAS hardware be used. In E-hulu, mail browsing and searching work on SQL database records instead of integrated data files. As emails record is getting more, the database records would increase. But the difference of speed would be some seconds only.
9. Can I connect my NAS remotely? Do I need to make a complicated setup?
Yes, it is not so complicated. Just simply setup Port-forwarding in your router or firewall.
10. It device archive all my mails including spams. It would use up my hard disk space. Wouldn't it be?
E-hulu works as a black-box archive all your mails. We trust this system which works faithfully without any manipulation or interruption. You can filter out spam mails by using available mail server solution.
11. How about email virus? What can I do?
E-hulu does not work like PC. No software installation or harmful execution can be made, not to say any Trojan or network infection.
12. If the company uses, colleagues send email storage, what about privacy issues?
Most company assigns IT personnel to work among company emails and network data. The company needs to inform their staff about their monitoring setup. And company staff supposed to use corporate email accounts for business purpose, not for private.
13. How about I put it in home? What more I need to know?
Like home router, you need to make an initial setup. Make sure your NAS is always power on and be connected to your router. Then the black box would work for you quietly.
Hardware Problem:
1. Is this software only for NAS?
The old version of E-hulu is designed to work on enterprise server platform. It is effective Data Storage software and has been running maturely for years. Now, it has been simplified to work with NAS which is a thin device with good stability in an affordable budget. Moreover, you don't need any IT professional to monitor the system nor making any maintenance. E-hulu can provide enterprise level Mail Archive function. That is why it gets its name for great storage in a small device.
2. Which brand of NAS can work with E-hulu?
Basically, it can be installed in most of the current NAS model & brand. To ensure maximum stability, we recommend installing E-hulu into two most popular NAS brand and suggested models in this stage.
3. Can it be installed to my PC or Server?
The reason we choose NAS, not only because of its low cost, but also its hardware stability. Moreover, the embedded Operating System needs no hardware management. Just turn it on, you are carefree now.
4. Can the original function & features of NAS be used after E-hulu installation?
E-hulu is independent software built on specified NAS OS. It can co-exist with any build-in function of NAS. It only shares part of the hardware resources and storage capacity.
5. In case the NAS hardware can't work or Hard-disk damage, how can I do?
NAS hardware can be replaced easily. But email data was written into hard-disk. We may not recover those data in case it was damaged. For maximum protection of data, we recommend to use 1 pair of Hard-disk in Raid-1 NAS.
6. Is that one Hard-disk is good enough?
For company use, we recommend to buy 1 pair of Hard-disk running parallel to each other for data mirroring. This would provide far better reliability against hardware failure.
7. If the NAS has two hard-disk bays, can I spare one for E-hulu and the other one for other purpose?
Yes, you can allocate different service to different Hard-disk if you only have limited budget.
8. Is there any data encryption to avoid unauthorized access when the Hard-disk has been removed?
Basically, E-hulu is for personal use or kept by company management. The hard-ware should not be exposed to unauthorized personnel. Data encryption has no significant advantage. Base on limited NAS hardware resources, data encryption is not practical to be deployed.
9. I mean to archive my mails for years. How can I protect well those valuable data?
E-hulu is maintenance-free software running in think hardware like NAS. Raid 1 data mirroring may good enough for small company. You can also choose higher grade NAS hardware or Raid 5 running multiple Hard-disk, or even using more reliable server.
10. I still worry about the stability of the NAS which is continuous running.
NAS is the most ideal hardware device to run E-hulu because of its high stability under simplified OS and in low energy consumption. Even the entrance level NAS, can work for years without interruption.
11. How can I ensure that the NAS work for me every day?
E-Hulu is expected to run under 24 x 7 and keep on receiving mails for you non-stop. The auto self-check system would alert you by emails in case system failure found.
12. What if the NAS was turned off or disconnected from internet?
E-hulu work on a pulling mode. Whenever you turn on the NAS again, it would resume downloading uncollected emails. For long business trip, please linger your mail retention period and storage quota for maximum protection.

How to Buy...

1. 「易郵保」適合那些人用的?
適合任何重視保留電郵的個人或公司用戶,由於它的兼容性很大,能連上不同的電郵服務器,特別適合多用戶及多郵箱的用戶,亦可以配合最近的Cloud Service作為一個Offline/Remote Backup。
2. 這個軟件是怎樣安裝的,是否要很懂得IT的人才可以自行安裝?
3. 可否連發出的郵件都可以儲起來的呢?
4. 安裝了「易郵保」後, 又可以用多久呢?
5. 可以收取幾多個電子郵箱的?
6. 可以多人共用的嗎?
7. 不同用戶看不同郵箱, 可以嗎?
8. 適合那些郵箱,Yahoo或Gmail,那些行不行?
可以,「易郵保」支持市面上普遍使用的POP及IMAP電郵服務器,亦同時支持企業級的Lotus Domino及MS Exchange服務器。
9. 可否都把我現在Notebook的舊電郵儲起的呢?
「易郵保」是在接收郵件時,同時編譯索引及作出數據處理,在這設備使用前的舊電郵,並不時產品設計的目的,如果真的需要,我們建議你選取所需的舊電郵,以轉發方式進行儲存,如果是大批量的, 我們會提供一個小小的Import工具協助你, 你可以把舊有的Outlook Express 或 Outlook 郵件,以Dbx或PST檔導入系統去,請到支援網頁下載。
10. 除了做Mail Archive, 還有什麼用的呢?
11. 可以都把我的傳真像電郵般儲起來嗎?
可以。可使用Fax Server或帶有Fax to Email的傳真機,如果要再簡單一點,就可以直接使用Efax的租用服務來配合。
12. 怎樣看回我的舊電郵?
13. 它是即時儲起的嗎, 有Delay嗎?
14. 那跟放一台PC去收電郵,有什麼分別?
1. 它的工作原理是怎樣的?
「易郵保」是一個旁聽式的軟件設置,它將每一個進來的電郵儲存成獨立的檔案,然後將每個電郵拆解成原數據Meta Data,放入SQL數據庫內儲存,除了提供數據庫方式搜尋,還加入類似網頁搜尋器的索引系統,不用幾秒鐘就可以找回你多年前的舊電郵,還可以獨立將相關的電郵匯出使用。
2. 跟普通的Back-up軟件有什麼分別?
3. 儲存了的電郵, 可否從系統取出來, 是怎樣的格式, 可否放回我的Outlook去?
4. 我司用Exchange Server, 經常用Web outlook查電郵, 電郵也可以儲存了,還需要這設備嗎?
5. 市面上都有類似的電郵儲存方案, 有什麼分別?
市面上的電郵歸檔(Mail Archive)方案其實不多,絕大多數都只支持單一種電郵服務器,而且當中都需要通過備份與恢復的過程,才能提取有關郵件。由於E-Hulu使用SQL數據庫處理電郵,它可以與公司其他軟件整合,發揮文件管理的功能,是儲存單據、傳真、電郵多合一的最好設備。
6. 可以支持那種語言的電郵呢?
7. 那除了郵件之外, 附件又如何,有沒有什麼限制?
8. 電郵一日比一日多, 那瀏覽速度不是愈來愈慢的嗎?
以個人用戶來說,速度會比Webmail快;而對企業來說,那就需看電郵數據多寡,與及相關的硬件性能。但整體來說,幾年前的電郵,都衹需幾秒鐘就可以找到了,與普通的Webmail或Mail Client軟件比較,快得多了。
9. 可否在外面時,連到這個NAS, 設置是否很複雜的呢?
只需在路由器或防火牆上進行簡單的端口轉發(Port Forwarding)即可。
10. 它怎麼都儲起來,連垃圾電郵都儲起來,浪費資源嗎?
11. 那總會遇到有病毒的電郵的, 怎麼辦?
12. 如果在公司使用,同事發出的電郵也存儲,私隱問題怎麼辦?
13. 我想放在家裡用,會複雜嗎?
1. 這個軟件一定要安裝在NAS的嗎?
「易郵保」的前身版本,是一個安裝在企業級服務器,運作多年的數據儲存軟件,現經過程序優化及功能簡化後,預載於NAS這一個既簡單、穩定,又成本低的一個細小硬件上,可以不用IT專業人員維護,就可以取得企業級Mail Archive的大部份功能,亦可以同時取用NAS的電子數據儲存功能,用『電子葫蘆』來命名這件小產品是最適合不過了。
2. 那種品牌或怎樣規格的NAS,才可以安裝上去呢?
3. 我有舊的PC, 甚至舊Server都有, 可以用得上嗎?
4. 安裝了這軟件後,是否NAS的其他原有出廠的功能就沒用了?
5. 萬一將來NAS壞掉,甚至硬盤也壞掉,那我儲的電郵怎樣辦呢?
6. 用一個硬盤是否已經足夠的?
7. 如果NAS設備內有使用兩個硬盤,那一個用來儲電郵,而另外一個是否可以用回NAS的其他功能呢?
8. 如果將來把那硬盤拆下來時,裡面的Data是否已加密的呢?
9. 花了好幾年儲來的電郵,我不想因為硬件壞掉就泡湯了,有什麼方法更保險的呢?
10. 我還是擔心這個NAS每天開著,舊了會不穩定。
11. 我怎麼知道這台NAS每天跟我接收電郵的呢?
「易郵保」的運作是每天24小時不停地為你接收郵件, 系統會定時自我偵察, 當發現故障時, 會發出電郵警示。
12. 如果我出差回來, 發覺它停了, 那怎樣辦?
「易郵保」是循環式下載最新的郵件,只要郵件服務器上仍有該封郵件,『易郵保』一旦重啟,就立即可以收回未下載的。如果出差時間較長, 我們建議你延長郵件保留天數或加大儲存量, 這樣會有更大的保障。